I started out a southern girl from Louisiana, but after moving "up North" to Oklahoma and spending the last 30 years here, I cannot imagine any other place as home.  Being a local to the Tulsa area has influenced my perspectives and world view.  While getting my degree from Oral Roberts University, I discovered my heart for people, relationships, and healthy, whole homes. Over the years I have benefitted from ownership of a local home building company.  This exposure has opened my eyes to how deeply a home can impact the family that lives in it.  I am excited to put my experience combined with the resources and tools that RE/MAX affords to work for my clients.   If you are looking to make a transition, the details involved combined with the unexpected can seem overwhelming.  I would love to sit down with you and discuss your dreams, your goals, and how I can work with you to help make those happen.

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With so many details to navigate in the buying and selling process, let me help make your experience simply splendid.


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